We really want you to get off to the best possible start with us.

It is our intention that every franchisee will receive the help they need to realise the full commercial potential of their POP! Studios Franchise and benefit from a strong relationship with us.

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Defined territory

There is only room for one Pop! Studio in each area and your catchment area will be significant.

High-end post-production

All of your post-production is taken care of by the central team at HQ.

State-of-the-art premises

We will guide you through getting the right studio set up at the right price. Location is key to your success, so we’ll help you choose carefully.

Assistance with shop-fit design and management

It’s so important that your set up is bang on. We’ll help you with the full design and fit out.

Studio sets

Two professional studio sets will be installed in your chosen location, all fully designed and delivered to meet the Pop! standards.


Franchisees will be provided with costumes for customers to wear during the shoots.


In order to display the wonderful examples of mounted prints and images, we’ll provide you with a selection to show off what your customers can purchase.

5 day comprehensive training

Franchisees will be trained over a five-day period at our head office in Derby prior to opening. There will be a further period of up to five days’ training at your location and at the our head office. This also includes food and lodging.

Dedicated Franchise Manager

The Franchise Manager is well-placed to provide training, promote best practice and offer expert guidance.

“Absolutely beautiful photos and I cannot recommend this photography studio enough.

The experience was amazing and the magic they create is beautiful. My daughter actually thought she was looking for real fairies and butterflies she was loving it. The photographer and staff were fantastic, even when my little boy was really upset (hungry) they had so much patience. The photos brought a tear to my eye. We will definitely be back in the future.” Thank you so much.

Sam Bates

Equipment and IT package

You’ll be provided with lighting and two very high-specification professional cameras. You’ll also receive a computer and back-up storage equipment as specified by Pop!

Launch Support

We will assist in the opening of your business with a programme suited to the your location.

Website and social media set up

We will re-invest into our technology, people, marketing and delivery so that our products maintain excellence always.

Business mobile and telecom services

This covers the initial set up of the required communications equipment, including a mobile phone and tracking numbers.

Office furnishings

We’ll help you create an amazing office space within your new premises.

DBS checks (enhanced)

This allows for two enhanced DBS checks that will need to be completed before opening.

Business stationery

We will provide you with your Pop! stationery.

Legal and accounting fees

These are the legal and accountancy costs in securing the franchise, allowing for limited professional advice.

Business insurance

This will vary depending on a number of factors, but provides for a standard combined risks business policy, including public liability.

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