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We class our digitals as a premium as you're not just “buying” an image – you are purchasing the copyright for extra printing. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our digital collections which start from £1995 for 30 images with limited copyright - a popular option as it includes prints and a gorgeous fine artbook. Our imagery isn’t really about “sticking” on birthday cards or posting all over social media. We’re more then just a USB stick – you are purchasing a piece of personalised artwork at the end of the day and our pricing reflects this. For something more affordable we advise prints instead.
Our customers describe the Pop! experience as “breath-taking”, “fun”, “amazing” and “spectacular” – we are UKs most fun and creative photography studio creating high-end artwork to display loud and proud for years to come.
See our facebook page for all our current work www.facebook.com/popstudiosuk
This is our parent company – they’re an award winning boutique portrait studio based in the city of Derby. Visit their website to see their amazing work: www.mackney.com
CRB checks are now called DBS checks – of which all photographers have been fully checked and certified. If we can’t be silly and down with the kids – you have no hope of getting those gorgeous and natural shots you view on our website.
After the shoot, we have experienced digital artists working on your photos. We clean up the image and add in the digital effects…the ‘icing on the cake’ as they say. . Finally, we select OUR favourites and spend a few hours digitally working on them. We like to present them back to you as individual photographic art-pieces – what you purchase products-wise after your session is entirely up to you, but prepare to have your jaw dropped, as the images we craft especially for you WILL amaze.
Upon booking we require a £35 refundable deposit to confirm the date and time, it is a standard requirement at Pop! Studios and will require 72 hours for any cancellation/ movement of appointment.  This is fully refundable and refunded to you at the time of your viewing or can be put towards our amazing products. It’s to ensure we’re not left “hanging” and dusting the coffee table for an hour should you miss your appointment. With enough notice – we can do what we do best – give our time to another customer.
If someone is unwell in your group (and we completely understand it happens) we need as much notice as possible, we ask for 72 hours notice so we can then let other clients know of upcoming availability. We will then reschedule your appointment within the next three weeks so as you don’t lose out on our wonderful experience.
It’s strictly one voucher per family household per year.  If you insist however, a retainer of £125 is normally required for each shoot which may be used towards our range of products.  Please call the studio on 01332 650 076 for more information.
Once booked in and the refundable deposit paid – we do ask for up to 14 days notice to change the experience. If we cannot accommodate the change for the booked in appointment, we may need to reschedule your appointment.
Unfortunately not, as we've probably taken over 300 shots and need to whittle them down so we only show you the best of the best of the best! Once your images have been taken, they are then artistically worked and designed into unique photographic pieces chosen especially for you, this normally takes our experienced editor a good couple of hours. We can speed up this service for same day turnarounds – but we do ask for a retainer of £500 for this service which can then be used towards our fantastic range of products. Please ask the studio for more info.
It takes 1-3 weeks - allow more time for weekend appointments
We recommend parents not to bring their young children between the ages of 1 and 7 into the viewing room, more for the comfort of the parents as there is not much to do during the viewing session for them and you do not want to be rushed into making the wrong decisions. This time is for the parents and only lasts 1 hour. The viewing room comfortably seats up to 5 adults. However we do understand that it can be out of your control and we have a few toys for entertainment on hand, though unattended children will be given a shot of expresso and a free puppy.
It depends on how well the session goes, but on average we showcase over 30 images, each one digitally cleaned, colour corrected and lots of extra ideas for you to see how you can present your "wall art" in your own home. We are all about the quality not quantity.
Our viewing sessions normally last 1 hour (if you are any later then 15 mins we have the right to cancel your appointment and forfeit your deposit to reschedule a new appointment).
If you think of photographs as pictures to browse through on your computer or to be burnt onto a CD and shoved in the drawer, then perhaps we're not the right photographers for you. However, perhaps you just need some help to visualise the potential your images may have.

Capturing the image is only the first step in a very involved process. We believe your images are art pieces in their own right and should be proudly displayed in the right frames on your wall or lovingly presented in our albums.

The photographs that we carefully craft for you will be in your family for generations and we want your frames and albums to be proudly displayed for many years.
Please feel free to bring your partner and other family member so they can enjoy the show and select some packages for themselves for their home.
We accept most major credit and debit cards, if your unsure please ask the studio to find out which ones we can accept.
We offer finance options starting from 12months for selected packages – great for spreading the costs whilst enjoying our products in the comfort of your own home.
We only offer discounts and packages at the first viewing not available online, as it's part of your gift experience, so please be prepared with where you "see" your wall art in your home to help make a steadfast decision. Feel free to measure up wall space before coming to the viewing with images taken on your smart phone so we can "show" you what your final pieces will look like in your home.
The first viewing is part of your voucher and we only offer discounts and packages at this time.   For second viewing we do not offer any discounts or packages and are chargeable at £125 per hour after a minimum package spend from the first viewing.  Please ensure any decision makers attend your first viewing as we do not offer online viewings. Our viewings only take place at our studios so you can go through our selected products with our experienced staff members.
We don't recommend delivery, as you know the courier or postman can be rather heavy handed and we can't be responsible for damaged goods this way. We would recommend collection in person so we can go through your good with you personally and see your first initial reaction to our beautiful finished products.
When an order is placed, we keep the images on file for 3 months. If there is no order on images, files are disposed of accordingly. If you would like us to hold onto the images for a longer period, a retainer will be required (normally a min package retainer)
We only use the highest quality of products to showcase your images, in which we take a careful amount of time to handle. We always endeavour to deliver your order as quickly as possible, but please allow 10-12 weeks from your viewing (order date) as all images selected are "stripped" back and re-worked so you as the customer only receive the very best products to display for years to come.
We retain the copyright on all of our images. However if you would like to use our images for commercial or other usage, we have licenses that can be issued. Please ask for specific details. Please note scanning breaks UK copyright laws.
We limit our experiences to one per family per year and  our promotions & competitions are normally reserved for new customers only (Pop! Studios, Mackney Photography, La Femme by Mackney) however please contact the studio directly on 01332 65 076 and we’d be pleased to see how we can assist you in returning to us for another experience.