I’ve noticed that our superhero shoot has become really popular recently. It’s always been a favourite, but lately little heroes have literally taken over the studio!

It’s been the same for our new Stotfold studio - we are booking up faster than we expected (which is amazing!) plus we have a brand new set there as well. It’s always nice to see something you’ve been working on for a while being used and loved!

I’ve noticed lots of girls loving our hero shoots recently as well which I’m so so pleased about - there’s nothing like a bit of girl power is there? Plus it’s always funny seeing your daughter lift her big brother above her head (don’t worry that part is edited in!)

I guess that all the new Marvel films coming out have really inspired little ones - there are so many superheroes now that I just can’t keep count! I saw the animated Spiderman one recently and thought it was really well done. We love adding all the special effects into our photos - I can’t imagine how much fun (and hard work) it would be to do a whole film’s worth!

My favourite thing about our superhero shoots has to be the sets we have created. We were definitely inspired by those huge Hollywood sets that you’d see in places like Universal Studios. I wanted to make them as 3D and immersive as possible so that kids could physically climb on rocks and lift those heavy chunks of falling buildings to rescue people (don’t worry - these are props that are actually light as feather!). I’m really proud of what we have achieved and the kids always love it which is even better!

One of my fondest memories of the superhero shoot has to be the time that Taylor came in for his session. At only 8 months old he was diagnosed with meningococcal septicemia (meningitis type W). He has had both legs, fingers and thumbs amputated, yet he is still our little fighter!

We are so proud to present Taylor’s story to you in our video. We hope it makes you smile, because we haven’t stopped!