Today is World Book Day! I absolutely love reading – my favourite book of all time is Mary Poppins by PL Travers!! World Book Day gives us all an excuse to dress up as our favourite characters.

We’ve had Star Wars, Matilda and of course Harry Potter being a popular one, all turning up at school – I wonder what the trend will be this year for schools?

My little girl, Matilda (how appropriate!), has been photographed as pretty much every character you can think of. As you can imagine, she always gets roped into our test shoots and ends up having a whale of a time! We have been really busy setting up our brand new studio recently so instead of making her costume this year, I ordered her a Red Riding Hood outfit which she looked cute as a button in this morning!

Alice in Wonderland themed shoot
Alice in Wonderland themed shoot

One of our team members has a little girl called Alice (can you see a pattern occurring?!) - who very aptly had one of our Alice in Wonderland shoots and loved it so much she’s still borrowing the costume for World Book Day years later! It makes me smile that her absolute favourite shoot was the superhero shoot though, seeing her little face light up at the thought of saving the day and whooshing around the studio in her cape.

Are Wizard shoots are popular with Harry Potter fans
Our Wizard shoots are popular with Harry Potter fans

I guess every child is different and each have their own favourite character or fantasy world that they dream about. We’ve ended up creating several different themes as part of POP! and it’s really interesting to see spikes in popularity with certain ones - it usually revolves around a new book or film coming out!

I wonder what the next big books or films will be over the next few years? And what characters we’ll be dressing our kids up as next World Book Day! I am loving all the live-action Disney remakes at the moment and I am sure we’ll be inspired by them for future shoots.

Our Woodland theme is ideal for Robin Hood and The Hunger Games shoots
Our Woodland theme is ideal for Robin Hood and The Hunger Games shoots

Have you got a favourite book that you’d like to see us turn into a POP! Shoot? Let us know!

In the meantime, Happy World Book Day!

If you’d like to find out more, you can browse our full range of themes here.
*Please note that our Stotfold Studio currently only offers fairy and superhero shoots.